As the procedure of conventional cotton VS organic cotton is extremely different we have provided you with a few simple care instructions to help ensure the longevity of your products. 

All P&M orders also come with a small Care Instructions card that can be kept tucked away in the laundry or close by. If you have any concerns regarding the below information or would like to know more on how to care for your P&M products please email us at

  • Please do not use powerful detergent agents
These detergents are full of abrasive chemicals that are harsh on delicate inks and dyes. We would recommend a mild or organic detergent.


  • Cold or Warm Gentle Machine Wash only
This tip is so important for Organic Cotton, because the production of organic cotton is free of the nasty chemicals it is more sensitive to extreme heat. Please, turn your garments inside out and wash your items on a cold wash only (preferably).


  • Spot stain before washing 
Kids are messy, clumsy and don't mind spilling things everywhere on everything and everyone! Here is our #1 stain removal tip. Run the stain under cold water with a small amount of detergent and massage gently. Proceed to wash the garment as normal. Repeat if necessary.


  • Line Dry or 'Air Cycle" dry on low heat
If your items are placed in the dyer on a high temperature please be aware this can cause 4% shrinkage or more.We recommend line dry out of any direct sunlight or "Air Cycle" in the dryer on no or low heat.





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